A runner again

Posted on: 06 May 2011

Two runs completed so far this week and after several jogs I finally feel I'm running again.

Tuesday is supposed to be a 2 mile recovery run and it will continue to be the same 2 mile run as my training progresses. Now at this stage of my training plan all my runs are supposed to be easy 2 mile efforts but I felt really strong and had to keep hold of the reins to avoid running too fast. In the end I completed the run at 10:43 pace.

Thursday is when I will target some tempo runs and speedwork sessions, though again at this stage the plan I'm following just calls for an easy two miles. But even though I was still feeling the effects of Tuesday's run, at the same time I felt strong both mentally and physically and so I decided to push the pace a little and completed the same run as Tuesday at 10:35 pace. It felt really good to be pushing myself and even better that I was able to do so at the end of the run as well as the start.

It's amazing that in just two short runs and even though the pace may not sound that great, it's all clicked and all of a sudden I've got some confidence back. I can't wait for Sunday, even if it is just a 2.5 mile "long" run. The only downside might be the weather which looks likely to bring some heavy showers. Ah well, at least the garden will be pleased!

Enjoy your running!

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