Taper has begun!

Posted on: 12 Apr 2010

As I went out for a 14miler yesterday, it amazed me that it felt a relatively short run, only 2 and a bit hours and not 3! How I have suddenly become used to running such long distances and how I have got so used to taking on board those weird gel things?! I got a nice tan too, I especially like the armband mark from my ipod.

Yesterday I saw more runners of the fair weather kind than I have seen all year.  Where were these people in the snow and ice of January and the rain of last month?  It occured to me that that was how I started out 3 years ago and here I am about to run the big one, the London Marathon!  I have started to become "precious about my feet and legs, no high heels for me for two weeks and as for cutting out red wine and chocolate, do I really have to? Will it make a difference?

I am excited and nervous, can't wait to get to the exhibition. I have lamented the route(sad I know) and stuck it up so that I can visualise it! Bring it on!!

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