I almost cried!

Posted on: 22 Apr 2010

I travelled to the Marathon Expo today and it was amazing! Just arriving at Waterloo gave me such huge butterflies as I saw the landmarks come into view, I thought, next time I see them I will be running, it made me want to cry! As we got the Jubilee line along to Canning Town, I noticed a few others with red laces on their trainers and silly grins that we are unable to hide th nearer we get to the big day! The DLR was even better, a great atmosphere, I just tuned into all the talk going on.

When you get through the door, you are met with a typr of airport check in desk arrangement, where you go to your number and get your bag.  The people there were fantastic, as was everyone at the expo.  I got my shirt printed and chatted to loads of people.  I loved the do running shop and all the samples of energy bars!! My Mum was amazed at everyone, all walks of life, all shapes and sizes, all there for the same thing.

We had a panni sat outside in the sunshine and got talking to the most brilliant man! A friend of Dave Bedfords(!!!), he didnt tell us his name, but whoever you were thanks for the advice and the encouragement, it meant a lot.

I carried my red bag and many other bags with pride back through London.  As I saw people noticing the bag and registering what it was, I thought, "Yes, I am a runner and I am running the best marathon in the world on Sunday!!"

Every step, every breath, every gel, every Sunday morning,every moment has been amazing.

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