I am back!

Posted on: 16 Oct 2014

Hello my lovely buzzers,


OMG it has been too long since my last blog but oh my lord I have been up to so much in the last 4 months or so..

But hey good new that I am back on track to start my training for next years’s challenge!! Whoooo bring it on.. on the other side, I have been doing a lot of cardio, body pump ( with lots of weight) and lots of cycling, this summer has been absolutely incredible ( I mean being out and about drinking lots of alcohol) Emmm not that great is it?!

I got so much reading to do, and see what everyone have been up to. Also I have started a new job 2 weeks ago and that is taking up lots of my time so please accept my apology guys for not being active on here, I have been going through a lot in terms of the family side of things, my older brother is quite ill and we are just waiting to hear about his cancer treatment improvement.. but hey all is good, life is not too bad so I will just keep on smiling and be happy J J

Cant wait for Brighton and London marathons 2015, I know its going to be a tough journey but I am defiantly up for that, I honestly can not wait to see you all guys in Brighton, has everyone booked their accommodation there, how would we meet? Are we going to have a drunken night on the marathon day? I know there is a number of us going to run Brighton 2015, it will be lovely if you all tell me your plans guys, I have not booked my hotel yet tho!

I would like to congratulate everyone of have secured a place with in London marathon through the ballot, I have been successful for the second time unfortunately L so I would have to go through a charity again but hey its all for a good cause! J

Waiting to hear from you all guys.. and have a wonderful Thursday , OH its Friday tomorrow…. Whoooo ypie duppieeeeeeeee…. 

Geege xx

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