Amba Hotels City Of London Mile

Posted on: 15 Jun 2015

On Sunday 14th June I completed the Amba Hotels City of London Mile again. The race was free again offering a lovely background as you see St. Pauls Cathedral popping out at you. It's safe to say the course sets me with a new PB. I signed up for two races. One as a general runner and one for the women's only mile. I entered my previous course time keeping my fingers crossed I would match my time of 9:45 and to my satisfaction I did. I ran the course in a record of 9:12. I didn't expect myself to be that fast. I think all my extra /late workout sessions have been paying off. 

I have this need to be early for things; therefore I found myself waiting at St Pauls just after 8am when I wasn't due to run until 10:50 and 11:20. As I waited with the mass of runners the rain began to pour and my procrastination began to kick in that I wouldn't beat last year's time.

After that it was the normal pre race routine, nervous wees, bag drops and warm up.  Wave by wave we assembled 10 minutes before our start time and were walked to the start, right in front of St Paul's Cathedral.  The starting gun was loud! 

The roads were slippery, due to the rain, and of course I still started off too fast. I will master pacing. As I made my way around I could hear the voice in my head saying "swing those arms, faster, faster, swing".  It didn't seem that far really; I think the turns helped numb the distance compared to running a mile in one direction.  As I approached the line; I checked my watch and it said 8:52 and I instinctively pushed my legs making them go as fast as I could. As I crossed the finish I instantly had my nervous wee kick in as I rushed to find my baggage to retrieve my bag, and swap my race number over. It was a slight struggle to find the bag but nothing to moan about seeing as it was a free race. I then had to literally run to get back to the start line.  

The women's mile had a very different atmosphere compared to the run I had just done. It was filled with so many women who were taking part in their first ever race, lots of nervous faces amongst a few wearing club vests... like me and not forgetting the girl wearing the "This Girl Can" tee.  I wish M&S have it in a 6 or 8. I need that tee very much. I decided to run this one for fun.  I did think that sub 9 minute mile might be do-able, I don't think I had enough time to recover and out run that time! I'm keeping that sub 9 minute mile for next Sunday's race.  As this wave was slightly different to the other waves; there was an initial weaving in and out of slower runners, but by the first bend it was a lot more spread out.  I was overtaking people constantly, and I must admit it did give me sense of pride momentarily before shouting words of praise to fellow runners.  The second time was 18 seconds slower than the first mile but still a sub 10 minute mile so I was very happy.    

And off went my phone again, my results text came through within seconds of crossing the line.  Not only did we each get a medal we also got a little goodie bag; filled with a little booklet; some 2 for 1 offers and a energy bar!  Well done Amba Hotels, The Running Works and Run-fast. The organisation was amazing. I will be back again next year; hoping for a sub 9 minute mile.



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