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Posted on: 03 Sep 2014

There’s something, that can give your workout, that little push, transforming a mediocre workout into an exceptional one and for me it's usually about having a great running song / playlist that will do just that. Actually having the right song at the right time,  is so important, whether it's motivating you to get out the door or giving you the power to push yourself even further than what you originally thought you could.

Some might even day a good song can even make you a better runner. But what defines a good running song?  It’s hard to say. It's something personal, it's a song that makes you feel something, a song with meaning.We all have that perfect song you to have on when you’re driving or relaxing at home, but when you take it out for a run, if something just doesn’t flow, it won't.The key here isn’t necessarily about having a fast tempo; sometimes slow songs are just as good as upbeat ones.Having songs that have a fast tempo or remix versions might help at first, but on a long run, that gets old quickly.

Honestly, the only way to know what song works, for you while running is to, test it out on the road.Make a playlist and try it out; you’ll know right away what works and what doesn’t.  Some will be surprisingly fit for running. 

I may not have as much experience in running but, I’ve already found lots of great running songs, and I'm sure that the playlist will grow over time, as my taste in music changes.  And I can guarantee that you’ll have a powerful urge to skip right past some songs, but that will help you find the songs that will be permanent fixtures in the list. There will always be the ones that, no matter how many times I hear them, or how sick of them I am when I’m not running, make it onto my iPod every time. 

That’s what this list is; my top 10 favourite running songs.*

  1. Fire by Gavin DeGraw - This is a song with a very clear message, it has some thoughtful lyrics executed perfectly with that Gavin's voice and the rhythm, is amazing. It's bound to be an anthem for sports teams, business departments and the class song for years!
  2. Disintegration by  Jimmy Eat World  - Disintegration is a breath taking song although I have to admit it is a bit slow and lengthy [7:44], but never boring and always intense, building to a climax of epic proportions.
  3. Heroes by David Bowie - Do I really need to explain this one?
  4. What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) by Kelly Clarkson - This song reminds me that life is truly hard, and you just have to accept that. There are always going to be difficult days, but that, there are also good days ahead.  
  5. Run Boy Run by Woodkid - This will definitely get your heart racing.
  6. Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) By Shakira - Its lyrics encourage one to aim for their goals like a soldier on a battlefield.
  7. Footloose by Kenny Logins - This just puts me in such a good mood.
  8. Don't You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia feat. John Martin - I tend to listen to this if I'm having a bad day or after a bad run... it's all about the journey.
  9. Where does the Good Go by Tegan and Sara - I admit, it started with Greys Anatomy, it helped me find this wonderful song.
  10. How Far We've Come - Matchbox Twenty - Not much I can say here, but I will say its such a great song.


Top Tip: Keep the list to 100 songs or less (depending on your average distance).


These are just a small portion of my favourite tunes from my "Run" Playlist. What’s your all-time favourite running song? I'd love to hear what songs you like to run to.


*These songs are in no particular order.




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