Posted on: 29 Mar 2015

The world of fitness is changing rapidly and these days, we all seem to have less time. Along with all the other demands life seems to throw at us, and fitting in fitness is getting increasingly difficult.That’s why High Intensity Interval Training – or HIIT, seems to be so popular. These are heart-pumping, fat-burning classes and are great for those who want to increase their fitness, but only have a limited time to do it. HIIT classes are brilliant for a quick intense session which allows you to feel the benefits of working out for much longer.


I recently decided that I needed to try something a little different and saw the class "Twentyfour" on my gym's timetable and signed up. It's fitness at high speed. Do 24 exercises in 24 minutes in this short, sharp, concentrated fitness blast (hence the name). As studies have shown that such short periods of well-structured high-intensity exercise can be as effective for your fitness as a 60-minute jog.


The concentrated bursts of activity in Twentyfour focus on six key movements – Bend, squat, twist, pull, push and lunge your way to decimating up to 400 calories.. I am warning you now; this class is painful but makes you feel so good afterwards. I'm still aching yet; I will be going back for more in the run up to the marathon for an extra cardio boost.


The exercises are performed in a specific order, to make the most of the workout’s full-body nature and encourage a metabolic rate higher than you would normally achieve through typical exercise classes.


Twentyfour introduces you to a variety of different interval practice to keep your body guessing and the training intensity high. Expect to push yourself as hard as you can to reap the benefits of burning more fat for a few hours after you have finished the class and gaining cardio and strength benefits.


I'm not going to lie; it’s hard work, but it’s fun... I promise and it’s very, very effective.



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