Illness or laziness?

Posted on: 21 Jan 2015

This week my training’s been interrupted by a head cold and a slightly chesty cough.

I tried to go for a run day, but I think it's safe to say it was my worst run yet, I was wheezing so much. I think a lot of runners beat themselves up about being lazy when they decide to take a little break due to illness. I definitely fall into this category. I think it comes from the pressures of such a heavy training schedule and a daunting challenge ahead, of course by missing a training session, you instantly feel that you'll fall behind in training. This force can often make people run when they really should rest. I know I felt like this when I was training for my first marathon. 

So now I must ask my question to you is; How do you know when you’re being lazy vs. actually too ill to run?

When friends ask me about illness, and working out, I always advise not to run / work out if someone’s feeling under the weather, I tell them, “just rest and let your body recover till you’re feeling better”. But is that an easy route out of a training run?! And here's the thing; I can never listen to my own advice and I’m starting to wonder whether it’s is the best thing to advise. Is it truly what the individual thinks they can do? Mind over matter? Almost every time I’ve been out when I’ve felt under the weather, a run has made me feel much better mentally and physically. I feel stronger in fact, but when you a cold and its freezing outside, what's better? 

I’d still say, you know your body best so use how you’re feeling as a true indicator of whether you should exercise or not. My advice: Get out there and run, you’ll soon know whether you’re too poorly to keep running! Hence why my 40 minute run turned into a 10 minute run as I was wheezing so much. 


End of rant. 


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