Less than 24 hours to go!!!!

Posted on: 05 Dec 2014

By Louise (December 4th) ... It’s less than 24 hours before I undertake the first of the races for the 555 challenge.

This time tomorrow I will have completed 21 KM around Dubai, will have had my post-race breakfast and hopefully will be a happy individual wearing my medal.  Last year I wore my medal all day and evening!!!!!!

The race includes pacers for times of 1hr 30 mins up to 2hr 30 mins, I am at present debating whether it is the 2 hour bus or the 2hr 15 mins bus I will be on.  I have a huge amount of support from the Creek Striders for the event which is fantastic, but I probably need to apologise to the Creek Striders in advance of tomorrow as I will be swapping my usual club running vest for the CMA one.

My one and only other half marathon race was completed a year ago with a time of 2hrs 21 mins,   I think and hope I can do better this time.  The temperature is great at the moment, a pleasant 29 degrees.  I have just come back from an easy 30 min jog to loosen up my legs and I feel good.

My main objective tomorrow is to enjoy the experience, I have worked hard for this over the last few months, and I am raising awareness of a great cause and have a lot of support.  I have been reading my book and working on the mental strength so all in all I think everything will be OK.  I will let you know tomorrow………..


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