Run Forest, Run......

Posted on: 16 Jun 2009

Went out for 4.5 miles last night in 32m26s of a fairly flat route - 1st time the knees have felt ok for a while - guess thats due to lack of exercise on moi's behalf!. Starting to enjoy the runs a bit more now though (something to do with the warm weather methinks). Read a few peoples blogs saying how they enjoy running in the rain. I always thought that a bit strange until I tried it myself a couple of weeks ago and absolutely loved it!. A convert through & through!. Was really refreshed. Mind you, can't be a lot of fun in the middle of winter can it?. 

Will be doing 1st "hash" run with running club next week. From what little I know these are good fun aren't they?. Something to do with following a trail of some kind - that's me buggered then. I only went to Scouts for 6 months when I was 13!!. Hope you are all well

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