Its been a while....

Posted on: 12 Jan 2010

Crikey, not blogged for a while as I have been pretty busy with one thing and another, and was residing a lot on the VLM forum. Just read Shinymoonbeams thread on there saying about blogs and its given me a kick up the arse to start mine up again (Cheers ShinyWink). This is my 1st and maybe (though hopefully not) last marathon, so thought I'd get started. 

Well, I've been up to 20 miles per week for the last few months to get base fitness and now the 16 week training plan kicks in...shiiiiiiiiitSurprised. Then a load of the white stuff falls out of the sky and buggers up everyones best efforts. A great start....NOT!. Fortunately I aquired a treadmill last year so have at least done a couple of indoor runs. Not too bad, but a bit boring tbh. It doesnt sound too healthy though and I think if it was a dog it may well get put down!. 

Last october I ran my 1st 10k race and 1st race for 17years!. Found it very hard as I didnt eat at all well the night before and learnt an important lesson!. Indian food night before race = feeling crap whilst running!. Still good experience all the same. Last week I then done my 1st X country run since being at school over 20 years ago. Bloody hell it was cold and then on way round was huge muddy puddles, which on 1st lap round everyone was trying to avoid, then on 2nd lap everyone thought sod this and just ran thru it! Good fun but bloody hard.

Well the sodding snow is at last trying to thaw so hopefully we can all get out this week?

Happy and Injury free running all - be careful on those pavementsWink

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