A good double day with a lonely run and quite a crowd.

Posted on: 22 Jul 2013

A day of contrasts!

Today I set off on the lunchtime run with... no one! Just me today so I took advantage and worked out a new 5 miles route.

I started off on our 4.2 miles route that took me up the hill for over a mile to the fire station and then started the long down hill section. This took me down to the park and through it to the bottom end.

Then I headed ont the second part of the flat 4 miles route that took me along to the snicketts and up through them to the moor. I headed across the moor opposite the chippy - lovely smell! Then as I reached the other side of the moor I decided to turn up the hill towards the school and turned right to start down the hill.

I turned back down the hill for the final mile back to work and finished with 5.05 miles in 43:212 for an 8:35 average.

Tonight at the club there was a group of over 20 runners which is amazing! I'd planned a session which is on a short hill at the track leading out of the car park. This is only 200 feet and not too steep but that was ideal as the purpose of this session was more about mental raining than physical - the newer group were doing 5 sets of 4 efforts with jog down and walk down between sets. The faster group were doing 5 sets of 6 efforts so it was a continuous hills session and mentally we had to concentrate on keeping going up and down, up and down.

We all did a good warm up and then a warm down after the run but I have to admit I messed up the counting for my efforts and did not do the full session! I finished with 4.42 miles but did work hard on the session.

It was great seeing such a big turn out from the runners and I hope it continues like this!

An easy day tomorrow for me and another double day on Wednesday. Then I'm in London on Thursday for work and won't be running and I'll take Friday off ready for the Thunder Run starting on Saturday at 12 noon!

Happy running!

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