Not quite double day Thursday

Posted on: 10 Jun 2010

Well in that I ran at unch and then tonight I suppsoe it was a double day today but I'm not counting lunchtime as training just as a coaching session. I went out with Jilly a beginner and she did about 1.5 miles slowly and I just chatted and kept her going. She did well but has had trouble with a sore knee and I wanted her to be careful so made her turn back before it started hurting and then walk towards the end when her knee started to feel bad.  So I'm not counting that as training.

Following that I thought I'd feel fresh for tonight's speedwork at the Club but although I got through the session my legs went to jelly before the end! Tonight there was Paula, Maggie, Andrea, Helen, Dominic, Alistair, Nigel, myself and a new runner called Lee who did very well for his first time - he has done a couple of the local Parkrun 5ks in around 22 mins so he can run.

We did a mile warm up and then split into teams of three on the old railway line that has been landscaped to give a flat loop on a soft surface great for running.  The first part of the session was for one length of the loop - one member of the team ran down and then the second took over and then the third and back to the first.  In this way we did 4 fast runs each and mine were 0.17 mile in 61s (6:01 pace), then for some reason 0.15 mile 0:47s (5:15 pace), 0.17 mile 66s (6:38 pace) and 0.17 mile in 50s (4:59 pace).

Then we were doing the full lap with the recovery being the time it took the other two in the team to do their laps.  My first one was 0.37 mile but I didn't press my garmin for a time and my legs had gone by the last 50m.  Then my second one was 0.36 mile in 2:28 for 6:52 pace but my legs were finished before half way so it was a good job this was the last hard effort.

We then jogged back to the track to finish a 3.5 mile session, the overall time was slow but what was important was the pace of the fast efforts.

Happy running!

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