A busy day tempo run

Posted on: 09 Jun 2010

Today was busy at work with a meeting that didn't finish until 1:30 so I quickly got changed and went out on a 3 mile tempo run on my own.

This always means no warm up and straight into a tough first mile uphill which felt tough but was 8:44 and felt harder. The top of the hill was another 100m on and then I turned for almost a mile down hill. I really pushed the down hill, so much than as I went through the 2 mile mark in 15:23 for a 6:39 second mile I felt drained but kept working on the mile back to work.

The last mile was mainly flat but with a final short sharp uphill finish.  I was working hard but tiring rapidly as I hit the final hill and then the final run to the finish in 22:44. The last mile was 7:21 giving me a 7:34 average. I'm sure I can run quicker than that but think I'd need a warm up and then run the hill quicker, control the second mile more leaving me enough strength to push the final mile.

Tomorrow will be an easy run at lunch with a beginner runner at work then a session with the club tomorrow night.

Happy running!

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