Recovery day

Posted on: 04 Sep 2013

Just an easy recovery run today and I really need it. I'm pushing myself hard for the next few weeks to regain fitness as I know this works well for me but I'll still be taking recovery days and rest days just working harder on the running days.  This eventually takes me through the running tired stage into consistent mileage ready to start marathon training.

Today I set off with Farhana and ran at her pace for the first 1.8 miles and then directed her on a 3.25 miles route and I set off on a longer loop with the intention of catching her before the end.

My legs were feeling tired but I still expected to catch her before the end. I was working hard but didn't see any sign of her so kept pushing to the end. I finished my 4 miles loop and checked with reception in work and Farhana's pass wasn't there so I figured she'd had a good run and beat me back.

Later I found out that she'd followed my directions up the hill and across the moor but then turned right down past the park (although Farhana said she'd turned left down past the park - why can't women tell the difference between right and left?).

She'd carried on down then across before climbing all the way back up a long hill to reach where she would have been and then ran back the right route. This meant her 3.25 miles run was now 3.96 miles - so not quite a short cut but good running!

Mikala, Debi and Jo did the 4.1 miles route and Matt ran part way with them but added a loop for 4.4 miles.

Back to a double day for me tomorrow with another 7:30am run before work and then a speed endurance session at the club tomorrow night.

Happy running!

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