Catch up time

Posted on: 01 Aug 2013

After the Thunder run at weekend I did an easy recvoery day on Monday - still a double day though! I did 4 miles at lunch on my own and just managed to dip under 40 minutes with 39:29 and my legs felt tired for some reason.

On Monday evening at the club I ran an easy 3.7 miles with what used to be called the beginners group but as they are all running 3-4 miles now without stopping I'll have to call them the intermediate group.

Tuesday lunch I ran with Lucy, Hannah, Mikala, Ed and Paul. Ed and Paul did a 4.7 miles route, while Lucy and Hannah did 2.56 miles which took Hannah into the 100 miles club for the year. Mikala and I did the 4 miles route in 39:24.

I rested Wednesday as my legs still felt tired and then today I've run at the club with the intermediate group and because of the heat we did an easy 3.2 miles. And the faster group did a longer run but split into two groups.

That's me done for the week now as I'm off on holiday on Saturday for my rest for the year - I'll probably run 4-5 times over the next two weeks.

Happy running!

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