Very hot double day

Posted on: 18 Jul 2013

Today was, I think, the hottest day of this heatwave so far. At lunch Jo and Jemma joined me for a 4 miles run and today it was so hot that I didn't add on any extra loops because it was too hot.

We kept up a steady pace taking any shade we could on the way round but it was hard work and we finished in 39:00 for a good paced run in those conditions.

Tonight at the club it just got very clammy and muggy! but no cooler! There was a big group there tonight - Sara, Mel, Abbie, Judith, Lindsey, Michelle, Vicky, Michelle, Sarah, Karen, Darren, Ian, Tony, Dave, Dom and Andrew, oh and me! (sorry if I've missed anyone!)

As some of the group are racing on Sunday, and because it was so hot, I set a session that meant everyone could decide they're own pace and either work hard or take it easy.  We ran out for 20 minutes and back in 18, with most of the group being very close to the 38 minutes.

I said from the start that I'd run out at a steady 10 minute mile pace and back at 9 so that others could use me for pacing and I'd take it easy for Sunday. My splits were 9:54, 9:52, 0:17 for 20:04 before I turned just after 2 miles and then on the way back I ran 8:48 and was going well until I caught up with Michelle who was finding it tough going. I stayed with Michelle and we came back with a 9:30mand 18.4s giving me 18:36 for the return run and 4.06 miles.

Everyone found it a bit tough tonight but they all got out and ran and judging for the happy chat at the end everyone is enjoying their running!

Happy running!

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