Catch up on the week and a 10k race

Posted on: 21 Jul 2013

After Thursday's double day I finished my week with another very hot run on Friday lunchtime with Mikala covering 4.03 miles at a steady pace.

On Friday night I went out for a meal with some of the running group for Abbie's leaving do as she's off to work in Leeds from September. We're all going to miss her - she's one of the most cheerful, enthusiastic people I know and always makes us smile.

Saturday I rested but went to Chester Zoo to see the new tiger cubs and here they are...

Today was the Moonraker 10k race over quite a tough course - well the first half was tough with a long climb from about 2.5k to 5k. Following my recent injuries I've finally started to feel like I was getting back to some sort of fitness and this was a test of that.

I set off well but then needed a toilet stop within the first mile - not good! Then I did something that someone with my experience should know better about. I ran fast to start catching up to where I should have been, much too fast. I caught up with Sarah from the club and went in front chasing Anne-Marie but realised as soon as we started the climb that I was in trouble. My first two miles were 7:24 and 8:06 followed by another 8:05 to the top of the hill as we turned to the half way mark and start the downhill.

As usual I ran the downhill fast hitting 6:30 pace for a time. My fourth mile was 6:43 but then I steadied over the next two miles with 7:21 and 7:20 as I raced in chased by two other runners. I could hear their footsteps but didn't turn round to check them out as that would have given them the motivation to chase harder thinking I was worried about them. I concentrated on the guy 50m ahead and worked on pulling him back in.

I didn't make it but it kept me ahead of the others. I finished in 46:08 and third in my age group with the guy just ahead by 10s was second in my age group.

Not too bad a result considering the reduced training because of the groin injury, I'd have preferred a quicker time but it wasn't to be today but at least I feel like I'm getting fitter again. And next weekend is the 24 hour Thunder Run where we've got a team of six from the club - should be fun!

Happy running!

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