Double double days

Posted on: 17 Sep 2013

Well after a good week last week I've started this week with two double days and I feel like the hard work is beginning to pay off fitness wise.

Monday started with a good run at lunch with Mikala, Debi and Jo. Debi and Mikala were on the 4.2 miles route and Jo and I added extra loops. Jo did 4.75 miles and I added an extra stretch and worked hard to pull her back for 5.02 miles in 43:10 (8:35 pace).

Then at the club on Monday evening we were doing a session round our 0.83 mile Hunt Lane road loop. Group 1 were doing 2 x 2 laps with 3 minute recoveries. And group 2 were doing 3 x 1 lap with 2 minute recoveries.

My splits for the first 2 lap effort were 6:08 and 6:05 for 12:13 and after the 3 minutes recovery I ran 5:52 and 6:10 for 12:02 for what felt like good running!

Today's double started with an early morning run of 4.55 miles in 39:55 for 8:45 pace. Then at lunch I was running with Helen and Paul and we set off on the 'flat' four mile route.

We kept the pace steady as Helen got warmed up and into her stride but the pace was faster than normal. After the mile mark Paul and I headed on a loop that brought us back to Helen's route.

I thought we'd catch Helen in the park but she had worked really well and was out of the park and on her way to the traffic lights. Paul was ahead of me and caught Helen just after the lights and I caught them just after that. We then ran up through the snicketts and back across the moor.

Paul went on ahead to have last hard mile and I stayed with Helen and pushed her to the finish. We finished in 47:31 which was Helen's fastest time over this route.

Tomorrow I'll have an easy day - just one run at lunch. then it's back to a double day on Thursday. 

Happy running!

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