A good week for training

Posted on: 15 Sep 2013

After Wednesday's good double I had another double on Thursday starting with a steady four miles at lunch with Helen - nuch needed after the tough track session.

Thursday night at the club was a fartlek session which both groups were doing but over slightly different routes. I ran with the faster group and we did a mile warm up and the ran five minutes hard, five minutes recovery.

We regrouped, well most of us, on the recoveries and finished the session with just over six miles.

On Friday lunch I did a hilly 4.45 miles route with Mikala and Paul in 41:42 on very tired legs. This took me to just over 39 miles in five days.

After my rest day on Saturday today I was meeting some of the group for a run today. I ran just over 2 miles to the club at 8:57 pace and then met up with Lindsey, Liz, Vicky, Michelle, Karen and Mel - the last three had been out Saturday night celebrating Mel's birthday and she had a bit of a hangover!

We then ran a 4.9 miles route (Mel got it as 5 miles) and how she managed it and ran her fastest 5k in the course of it I don't know! Great running from everyone in torrential rain for most of the run.

I then planned a 3 miles run home to give me 10 miles but as I ran I realised I'd finish the week just short of 50 miles, so I added another loop to do five miles at 8:50 pace. This gave me 12 miles for the day and 51.26 miles for the week and 1,405.38 miles for the year so far.

Happy running!

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