I am feeling rather pleased with myself

Posted on: 30 Oct 2016

I had a fairly slack week, exercise-wise, last week (although I wasn't all that slack with other things: I was busy at work when I was in, but I took two days off 'on holiday', but I had my kids to occupy me, as it was half-term).

Anyway, yesterday I talked Mr Flump into thinking that he really *ought* to go to the gym, for a work-out. 'Oh, well, if you're driving up there, anyway, I think I will come too, and have a swim. Smile). my little Scrunchmuffin chose to come along, too. the lady at the desk told her "It is just lane-swimming now, you know, it isn't really for children".

"Well, if you will let my mum swim, you have to let me swim, too. I swim a lot faster than she does."

The lady looked at me, and I had to look down at my feet, and say "Yes, she does."

"And I can swim butterfly, which she can't!"

I just carried on staring down at my feet, ashamed, while I handed the money over.

"My mum will swim in the slow lane, but I won't!" Smile 

But I was quite proud because, eventually, I had to move up to the medium lane, as there was a guy going so slowly, it was far too slow for me. Smile

Then, today, I just dragged to exercise bike out, and popped on Buffy The Vampire Slayer (which Miss Scrunchmuffin is now a great fan of). I was mainly going gently (30 on the speed thing), but with lots of brief sessions of a minute or two at 40, plus lots of dumbbell lifting. So, 45 minutes, of reasonable exercise.

Plus, non-exercise-related, i actually did and hour yesterday, and another today, of reading scientific papers. I am ashamed to say that I have spent far, far too little time doing this, recently, so I am really pleased to be finding the time to do it.

Tomorrow morning, as I don't work on Mondays, I will go up to the gym, for a work-out. That'll only be my second or third workout, there, but I plan to do it most Mondays, now. Will I? We shall see.

Anyway, I am feeling pretty happy, and proud of myself. Working, and working out, on a Sunday. I am a Good Flump! Smile

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