That's been a busy week

Posted on: 22 Oct 2016

I did loads of exercise this week. Smile

I wrote on Monday, when I had my 'induction' at the gym.

On Tuesday, I had a hard-ish day at work (2 hours of lectures, then I had to travel to another campus for a meeting, then travel back again...). I did half an hour on the exercise bike at home (going hard - well, I think it was hard. I mean fast, not high resistance. It's a 1-10 dial, and I usually have it on 4, and I tried to keep the speed dial above 40, most of the time. Phew!)

On Wednesday, I went into work on the early train, to get to the gym at about half eight. I just did 20 minutes of aerobic stuff - 10 minutes cycle, then - Dah daah ... Surprised 5 minutes running on the treadmill Smile (I know I did 6 minutes last time, but I figured that as I had been rubbish, and not run for ages, I would go back to the beginning), then 5 minutes on the slippy-slidey thing, but by then I was feeling really zonked, and i decided to call it a day. Embarassed

Yesterday (Thursday), I had to teach all morning, but then I went for a solid session at lunchtime: 10 minutes bike, 10 minutes slippy-slidey thing, then 10 minutes on the rowing machine. I finished with my normal weights, machine things (leg stuff - moving the legs apart, or together, and squatting).

Today, I have been working at home (which has NOT been a gentle day - I was having fairly serious conversations over email, starting at 7:30, and got loads done (although not really enough...). Missing out on the hour-ish each way to get to and from work can make the day much more productive!). Then, at 6 o'clock, I suggeted to Miss Scrunchmuffin that we put a Buffy episode on. For the whole episode, I was pedalling hard on the exercise bike (plus using the dumbells, too, some of the time). So, 45 minutes.

Now then, what are the chances of my actually going out for a 6 minute run, tomorrow. Is that likely? Hmmm. We shall see.

(Oops, I meant to post this last night, but I forgot to hit the button!)

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