I just did a whole hour!

Posted on: 12 Jun 2016

Ooh, I just realised that I haven't posted for ages. Sorry! (Like you'll have noticed, or cared... Undecided)

On Friday, I went to see a physio, following on from my referral by the spine doctor (the one that hadn't been organised, until I complained, which kick-started it all, and made them sort it out).

He is at the same hospital (not too far from home) where I was seeing a different physio, about a related problem (hips and legs), but I hadn't been referred through the same route. I was very pleased with this new guy. He is deaf, which is rather odd, and makes him speak very oddly (like he has a strong foreign accent). He has an interpreter there, who repeats anything you say if he hasn't seen to lip-read, or if anything is not clear to him.

He did a range of tests - had me walking up an down the corridor, at different speeds, watching my balance and my gait, and he gave me a whole lot of regular exercisey things. I will see him again next Friday.

The title for this post was about doing a whole hour. I wasn't planning on doing any exercise today, but then r Flump announced that he was going off to the shed, for an hour and a half on his bike, and I suddenly decided that I would do that, too (although not an hour and a half!). I started peddling, before the little one was around. When Flumpette No.2 finally came back, I asked her to pop a Dr Who on for us, but then I suddenly said "Ooh, there is washing out on the line, and it is probably going to rain. You'd better hit pause!" I was a bit surprised, though, because the Scrunchmuffin said she wanted to bring the washing in herself. "Keep on pedalling Mum, I won't be long!" So, Dr Who didn't start until I had been going for a while.

I did my usual: fairly low resistance, fairly high speed (normally over 35, but I was doing regular 30-second, 1-minute, or 5-minute bursts at 40 (which is definitely getting easier!). I have recently gotten used to these sessions being 45 minutes, but today, because of all the delays, I did a whole hour (and that worked out perfectly - 60 minutes hit just as the end credits were beginning Smile ).

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