When you go to the gym, don't forget...

Posted on: 02 Jan 2017

I said I was going to run, today. Then we arranged to pop up to the gym, this afternoon. 'That is fine - I will do my 5 minutes running on the treadmill. Smile"


When you go to the gym, you really must remember to take your trainers!

I expect an awful lot of people would say "Stuff it!", once they got there. But I am good, and I went into the gym, anyway, in my socks.

However, I was then really rubbish. I felt so lazy that I just used the 'sitting down' bicycle, instead of the normal one. But only for 4 minutes, by which time I was bored stupid.

Then I got onto the rowing machine, for a bit. then I did the slippy-slidey thing, for a bit. Mr Flump came to tell me he had had enough, but that I shouldn't rush. However, I didn't feel like staying that much longer.

I had already had a very lazy day, work-wise, and then I had a lazy session in the gym. it was better than not going at all, of course. But only a bit.

I have been good, today - no cakes or biscuits, and I will have no booze tonight. (Grumble grumble...)

Not a very happy Flump.

Tomorrow I will officially be back at work. However, as the girls' school is still 'on holiday', I will stay at home, and work here. I will still get loads done, but anyway, even if I didn't, then bearing in mind how much work I have got done while I have officially been 'on holiday', no-one could complain.

Hmm, what are the chances of me doing bike-short run-bike, first thing tomorrow morning. Bets, anyone? Will it happen?

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