Posted on: 30 Jan 2017

Sorry, I haven't been posting very much, because I haven't been exercising very much, partly due to being a fat lazy slob, but mainly due to me being frantically busy at work - lots and LOTS of marking to do, followed by lots of teaching.

Then, on Friday, we had some very bad news: my department is going to be closed down. Frown

It won't happen for a while, because the enrolled students have to finish off, but I will be being made redundant some time in the next few years.

So, I wasn't in a good mood, anyway. I have been thinking about retraining as a school teacher, which is a possibility.

But then, this morning, I went to see the doctor. I have had one eye weeping a lot for a year or so (which I went to see about ages ago, but they didn't seem worried). but, more recently, I have gotten worried by a mole sort-of-thing, in line with my eyelashes. I first noticed it some time last year, and it has definitely grown.

The doctor today said it needs looking at, and that it could be 'BCC' (which I then forgot), and that it needs to be removed.

I came home, and freaked out a bit. Mr Flump seemed very dismissive, and I fell apart. I thought he had stormed off, in a grump, and I heard him talking to someone on the phome upstairs. He was talking to the doctor's secretary, asking him to speak to me, and make sure I knew what was what. So, at 6 o'clock, the lovely doctor rang me, and said that he thinks it is a 'Basal Cell Carcinoma', but he doesn't know, yet. He thinks it will be benign, so I shouldn't worry about it too much, but it does need to be checked, and removed.

So, I am a bit of an unhappy Flump, me.

And tomorrow, I shall be teaching the 3rd years for 5 hours. Frown I enjoy teaching, but, 5 hours? Eek! That's always tough.



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