Inductively Couple Pamela

Posted on: 17 Oct 2016

Sorry, but remember I am a geologist/geochemist. We used to have a big posh machine at work, called an ICP-MS, or Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer. It produced really highly detailed geochemical data (and it was run by some people who were good friends of mine, but unfortunately, it moved away, more than a decade ago, and they went, too).

Today, I had an 'Induction' session at the new-ish gym, which is in the same centre as the the swimming pool, so I became an 'Inductively Coupled Pamela'. I know, I am normally 'Flump', here, but 'Inductively Coupled Flump' sounds silly, doesn't it?

To be honest, it was a bit chaotic - the guy at the desk wasn't expecting me, or the girl who turned up a few minutes later, also expecting an induction. It was all a bit rushed: "Here is the treadmill. You run on it. You change the settings with these buttons. Here is the rowing machine..." Nothing about which buttons do what, which bits you have to select... Undecided

Anyway, I then spent about 45 minutes there, trying out the various bits of equipment. It wasn't very efficient, but that was because I didn't know where everything was, etc.

I ran on the treadmill, a bit, but I only did about 3 minutes, as I just didn't feel very enthusiastic. I did some steppy-slippy-slidey thing (more steppy than the one at work), some rowing, and some cycling, so I totalled 30 minutes aerobic-y stuff, plus a fair few weight-type exercises.

The deal is, now, that I have to pay per entry. I won't go very often - it is only reasonably priced off-peak, and I am usually at work, then (like almost everyone else, of course - that's what makes it 'off-peak), but I think I will often go on Monday* mornings, and I will probably pay for both the gym, and then a swim (which, together, will cost a whole £5. I am a big spender!).


* I don't work on Mondays, you see.

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