Not a slack day

Posted on: 26 Oct 2016

I have had a really busy day today:

I went to the gym, first thing, and was very energetic (10 minutes bike, 10 minutes rowing machine, 5 minutes slippy-slidey thing, then 5 minutes on the bike again, followed by the leg exercises as usual).

Then I went to my office (arriving at 10), and worked really hard for the rest of the day, sorting out the piece of coursework that I will be giving to the students tomorrow. Then I rushed home, and was surprised to find my husband wasn’t there: we had planned to go up to the cinema, to see Dr Strange. I was relieved when he go home, just before we had planned to leave, to go to the cinema, to watch Dr Strange. But unfortunately, he said he still felt awful, with this bad cold thing, and he felt he had to stay at home. “You’ll be OK if you leave now”, he said. Oh, I hadn’t known we were going to walk. Well, maybe he had been planning to drive, but hey, we had time to walk. It is only a bit over a mile, and we had half an hour. So, the girls and I marched happily into town. The Snufflemuncher likes walking very fast, and she is almost as tall as me, now, so I had to really push it, to keep up with her. Until just a few weeks ago, I would have been in an awful lot of pain, on that walk, but it was almost fine, today. Not perfect, but an awful lot better than it was, recently. J

So, a half an hour of work-out, and two miles of brisk walking (apart from my usual walking to/from station/work/station/home, which adds up to a little over an hour a day, I think).

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