I think that's enough exercise for one day

Posted on: 28 Aug 2016

Yesterday, Mr Flump gave Flumpette No.1 a treat, and took her with him, when he went diving. So he told Flumpette No.2 that she could choose something to do as a a treat for herself, today. "Oh yes," she said, "we'll go for brunch at Bocadito's." That is a nice restaurant, in Esher, where we have been a couple of times, for a lovely brunch, involving crepes and things. "Lovely," said Mr Flump, "although, the car isn't working..."(He bumped into something last week, and the radiator started leaking, un-noticed, and it drained itself, quite quickly. He had it replaced, but it only lasted a short while before it started making scary noises. Because it is a Bank Holiday weekend, it is just sitting, dead, in the driveway.

OK, no car, but it is a nice day...

So, we set off to walk to Esher, for brunch. it had gotten quite late, and it was 12 by the time we got there, so I guess it was just lunch, but still.

Anyway: 2 and a bit miles, walking really pretty fast (I mean, I was keeping up with Mr Flump!); a lovely late 'brunch' (crépes  with maple syrup and bacon (which sounds like an odd mix, but I love it!) and a churro (a long fried 'donut'ey thing, which you dip in syrup - this is NOT a low-calorie meal!)). Then we walked, quickly, back home.

So, a lovely non-healthy lunch, and an hour and twenty minutes of walking pretty fast. I used to take about 50 minutes to run it, and today we walked it in an hour and twenty-ish, so we definitely weren't taking it easy.

I think that is a fairly good way to spend a Sunday lunchtime!

I was really pleased: a short while ago, my left shin was giving me real pain whenever I just walked a couple of hundred metres. On this 4-and-a-bit mile walk, my shin gave me no trouble, and my right hip (where I had the operation, several years ago, and which has caused me a lot of pain, recently) was fine. My left hip has been worrying me quite a bit, recently, but it was actually fine today. Before we set off, I was a bit nervous, but it was all fine. Smile

I was going to do a session on the bike, this afternoon, but now I think I will just take it easy, today, and then do another bike-short run-bike session, tomorrow morning.

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