Up and down, up and down...

Posted on: 06 Jul 2016

When I went to see my 'spinal physio' guys on Friday, he said I have to walk up and down stairs. Sounds odd, but...

I told him that the Tower Block* was 5 storeys high. He said "Good. Walk up and down it several times. Build up to five".

I was wrong. It is actually 8 storeys. (Oops, i missed out that '8', and my dad told me off on Facebook. Embarassed) Surprised Oh well. I can cope!

Yesterday, I did one up-and-down, and I could see why he said I should build up to 5. Ooh, my legs were tired!

Today, I did two. Ooooooh. I can do it, I can do it.

So, three tomorrow. Will I?

* That is the building's name. My office is in the 'Main Building'. Imaginative building nomenclature, but hey, that shows you that we are definitely a *good* university.

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