Ooh, that took me back to my caving club days!

Posted on: 09 Jul 2016

Phew, I am knackered!

I just did half an hour on my exercise bike, going pretty fast for me, and I am now exhausted.

The title, about the caving club, is because of the music I had on my iPod: Jethro Tull. I was given an iPod, back in my in-hospital-after-a-horrible-accident days. It was apparently a collective gift, from a lot of online forum friends ('Baby Greenhouse' -we'd all 'met' from having bulges, babies, toddlers, etc.). Mr Flump filled it with music, for me, and I loved it to pieces. but several years later, the battery wore out. My lovely husband bought me a new one, butI was no good at putting music onto it, and Mr Flump took flippin' ages to sort it out. However, he did it last week, so I now have access to all my old music again. Smile

Tonight, I dragged out my exercise bike, and popped the iPod on. I chose Jethro Tull. I haven't listened to that, for years. I first discovered them back in my caving club days. in 1989, in my second year at university, I joined the caving club. I thought it might be fun. We were in London, and the caving areas we went to were in The Mendips, or up in Yorkshire. We used to fill one of the university transit vans with caving gear, then lay a few mattresses on top, then we'd all lie on those mattresses, head to foot. We would spend a few happy (?! not really!) hours like that, driving to wherever we were going for the weekend. The guys in front would pop on some music, and it was very often hippy-ish music. That was how I discovered Jethro Tull - if you don't know them, they are a sort of folk-rock band.

So, tonight, I did half an hour on the bike, bopping along to Jethro Tull. "Bring me my broadsword, and clear understanding, bring me a cross of gold, as a talisman ..." Ooh, I really enjoyed it, and I pedalled frantically, and completely wore myself out!

By the way, on my first caving club weekend, I met a long-haired hippy, who seemed quite nice. Two weeks later, on my second caving club weekend (on Bonfire Night), I got off with him. Now, twenty five years later, he is cooking spaghetti, for me and our two daughters. I am really very glad I decided to try out that caving club!

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