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Posted on: 16 Jul 2016

This afternoon, I did 45 minutes on the exercise bike. It wasn't that long ago that I was quite pleased to get the 'speed' up to 30 whatevers*. Today, I spent almost all of about 38 of those minutes up at 40 whatevers, and (wait for it, this is impressive) I did 3 shots of 30 seconds up at 50 whatevers. Surprised I am a bit proud of myself!

The silly title of this post is because I had Blondie on my iPod. I chose her, pretty much at random, but I really enjoyed the music. Smile It reminded me of when I was that the age my daughters are, now.

I had a really energetic week - I did the bike a couple of times, I swam, and I went to the gym at work, several times as well.

* I am not certain what the units are, for that 'speed', but I don't care. I normally have it on the same intensity setting, so I figure it is just a number showing how much effort I am putting in. I am really pleased with the length of the time when I was up at 40, today. Just a few months ago, I wasn't even trying for 40, 30 was hard enough for me.

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