Ooh, my bum is worn out!

Posted on: 07 Nov 2016

The week didn't go as well as it started, I am afraid - I think I only managed one or two sessions at the gym, and no sessions on the exercise bike.

However, yesterday I went for another Saturday-evening-at-the-pool session, and this afternoon, I did another cycling-hard-while-watching-Buffy session (followed by a lovely stretching-out-in-that-lovely-new-bath-with-a-cup-of-tea session - mmmmm!).

I am certainly a lot better than I was at cycling last year. I used to get on there, and pedal along gently. A speed of 30 whatevers was fast, for me. Now, i hardly ever go under 30, and do LOTS of periods over 40. Today I did four 5-minute blocks at (or just above) 40. And now my bum hurts - hence the title!

I thought I had done a fairly strenuous session, and so my legs would benefit from a nice warm soak, rather than a quick shower. Mmmm, tea! Mmmm, hot water! Smile

This week, I have a really busy week at work: 4 hours teaching on Tuesday, two on Wednesday, then three on Thursday. Remember, most of those are lectures, which need an awful lot of preparation, and leave me pretty zonked.  However, when I told Mr Flump this, he scoffed, and said that he will have a really stupid fortnight, with huge amounts of teaching. OK, I might grumble about mine sometimes, but at least it doesn't get squashed into horrific two-week blocks.

Sorry, but the reason I mention the teaching is because I spent most of the day today finally fiddling with Tuesday's lectures, but Smile it is all done, now. It was so nice to put the PowerPoint files away, jump on the bike, and pedal like mad for a bit.

And  tomorrow: SmileSmile I don't work on Mondays, so tomorrow morning, I will catch the bus up to the posh gym at the swimming pool, and do a session there.


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