I haven't been around for ages, have I?

Posted on: 30 Dec 2016


Work was utterly frantic for a few weeks before Christmas (and still is. Sigh. Lots and lots and lots of marking, even yesterday and today, when I have officially been off work on leave). I have been too busy to go to the gym, or drag the exercise bike out, or go to Pilates classes, or go to the swimming pool...

Add to that, the fact that the bus which I have often caught up to the swimming pool, on Mondays, my day off work, has been cancelled. There is now no bus to catch up to the swimming pool. OK, I thought, well, I get 'Disability Living Allowance', so I will spend that on taxis, on a Mondays. But DLA has now stopped, and I doubt I will receive any 'Personal Inderpendence Payment'. I don't seem to tick any of their boxes.  Frown

But, tomorrow is New Year's Eve. We will be going to a party, at the house of some friends. We met them, because our 12-year-old Scrunchmuffin is Best Friends with their daughter, and we have encouraged the friendship, as the girl is lovely, and so are her parents. It is a bit of a shock, having children stay up to see in the New Year, but hey, they are now a teenager and an almost-teenager.

Anyway, I shall make some New Year's Resolutions.


I am way overweight. Frown I am a little over 80 kilos now. For several years, I have said I will get that back down, but I never do. Well, this year, I will!


2. No booze. I always do January, but this year, it will be until I am under 75kg.

3. No biscuits, for the same time. I am addicted to ginger biscuits, so this will be hard, but I WILL DO IT!

4. No cake. I am addicted to muffins. My local Waitrose sells a *gorgeous* carrot and pineapple muffin. But I WILL NOT have another one, until I am under 75 kilos.

4. LOTS of exercise. 5 times a week. Gym (at work); swim (which I will have to get a taxi to, grumble grumble...), exercise bike, ...

5. I WILL start running again. On New Year's Day, I will do an exercise bike session, with a 5 minute run in the middle. I will do that a few times, then slowly inscrease it: 5, 5, 5, 6, 6 ,6 ,7, 7, 7, ...

6. I will keep on doing my physiotherapy. I have some funny step exercises, which were really difficult, when I was given them, but they are clearly easier now, and I really think they are helping (which is why I think I will be able to run again. Fingers crossed!)


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