The Over Exuberance of Youth...

Posted on: 12 Apr 2007

Although what my excuse is I don't know!!

I think I just tried to run too fast!

Back at the track after the Easter break and tonight's session was a good one for this stage of my marathon training - 4 x 600m, 200m walk recovery.

I set myself the target of running the first one in 2 minutes or 5:20 per mile pace - not clever!  First one was 2:03, second 2:05 so not far off but about 5:30 pace.  The third one was going OK until about 350m when I felt a sudden tightness in my right hamstring so I immediately eased up and jogged in at 2:13. There was no pain or tightness at all on the recovery but I ran the final 600m with some of the new members of the group and we did 2:20 or about 6:20 pace.

Felt good on the warm down no aches or pains and recovered quickly.  Got a heart rate monitor and tried it for the first time but just to check what it went up to and my maximum during the session was 186 bpm.  Not sure if this is good for my age or not.  Based on the old 220 minus your age my maximum should be 170 but as I've been running for 25 years perhaps that's why it's higher?  Any thoughts?


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