Back in to training

Posted on: 29 Apr 2007

Following what seems a quick recovery this week with an easy mile or so on Monday and then a track session on Thursday, my body feels like its just had a hard run so Saturday morning got up early and met Louise and Sara for a steady 8 miler.

First four miles were comfortable despite the cold wind and we ticked along at an easy 9 minute mile pace.  We then eased a bit as we went passed some fire engines and there seemed to be a warehouse on fire with loads of black smoke but luckily it was blowing away from us!

As we reached the last 2 miles we hit a long hill and worked hard up it to find that this was where the smoke was blowing to and what had been a pleasant sunny morning was not so nice!  Into the last mile and I decided to pick up my pace after sitting at the back and lettting Louise and Sara push it along for the first 7 miles.  My last 1.2 miles was done in under 8 minutes and I felt really good. 

Doesn't look like I'll get in the Leeds Half but may have a go at  a 10 mile race in Leyland in Lancashire which is advertised as a fast 2 lap course on 27th May - 2 days after my 51st birthday so I might give that a go!

I hope you're all enjoying your recovery and about this time last week I was around the 22 mile mile mark realising that the wheels had come off and I would need to just put one foot in front of the other and maintain my pace to get to the finish!!  Strange the warm weather isn't bothering me as much this week!

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