Back on track!

Posted on: 05 Apr 2007

I can't help myself I just love doing speed work on the track!

Even after the quick run last night I went to the track and we did a speed session - Sam an under 17  2:05 800m runner, Josh an under 15 800/1500m runner just starting out, Jan and under 15 useful 1500m runner, Alcie a new runner just getting used to the training we do, and Louise and Sara who are both doing London.

We were doing 200m, 150m, 100m, 75m, 50m then 5 minutes recovery before repeating the whole session. I started what I thought was easily with 36.6s for the 200m, then 27.1s for 150m, 16.8s for 100m, 12.1s got the 75m and 6.9s for the 50m. On the last 50m I got a flyer and held off Sam at the line - only cheated a little but I am 33 years older than him!

After the recovery where I think I drank too much I took the 200m easy in 37.2s feeling like I was going to be sick!, then I picked up and ran 26.7s for the 150m getting closer to Sam and putting him under a little pressure.  The 100m was 16.7s, followed by the 75m in 11.5s where I was right alongside Sam as we raced for the line and the same happened on the 50m in 7.1s.

With 2 miles warm up and I must admit only half a mile warm down I managed 3.5 miles for the session but I wasn't worried about the distance.  And just to set the record straight I was alongside Sam at the end but he'd finished 7th in a downhill mile race the night before in 4:37!!!!!

All th eothers worked hard on the session and for Louise and Sara  it was their first flat out speed session for a couple of months an dthey did very well and seemed to enjoy it.  It always seems hard to start but as the strength from the marathon training kicks in then the later stages fo the session start to feelgood!

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