A Quick Taper?

Posted on: 04 Apr 2007

We were meeting tonight for a 5-6 mile run at steady pace, but due to injury and illnes our group was down to two myself and Louise.  Now that's not good as when we run together it seems Lou and I don't really know how to go slow!

We set off for the first mile chatting but running quick for an 8:04 mile.  The second mile continued along the same road slightly down hill and the pace stayed high at 8:03.   We honestly tried to slow ourselves down and went through 3 (which included a short sharp uphill) in 8:19 so 24:26 for 3 miles. 

With a definite spell of running slower we went through 4 in 8:43 but then had a chat and decided that rather than slow the pace we'd cut the run short and set the route back to the track.

Now I don't know about you but we always seem to speed up as we head for home and despite a 250-300m climb we picked up the pace and the 5th mile was 7;54 and we were feeling good!  The last 0.3 miles was run in 2:11 (or approx 6:41 pace) to give us 5.34 miles in 43:22 so 8:07 a mile pace.

Sometimes it's difficult to slow once we get into a pace and we're hoping that's what happens on 22nd April. For the rest of the week we've got a speed session on the track tomorrow night, resting Friday and Saturday and then 13 miles on Sunday but as it's Easter Sunday we're going at 7:00 am to give us the rest of the day free.

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