I'm Bored!!

Posted on: 18 Apr 2007

Well it's only been a day and a bit since I last ran and I'm bored already - I just want to go out and run!!  Thursday is a planned 2-3 miles before coaching my athletes group while standing at the side of the track! I'll be running up the walls by Sunday so hopefully it'll be a good day on the 22nd I can't wait for it to start!

Hope all those who registered today enjoyed the Expo and I'll be reading your blogs to see how it went. I'll be there on Saturday as early as I can.  My race number is 25231 and I'll be wearing the kit you see on my photo. Hope to see soem of you at EXpo and before the race.

In case this is the last time I blog or the rest of you read it then GOOD LUCK to everyone and I hope you all achieve the targets you have set yourselves - whether that's to beat a time, raise loads of dosh or just get round with a smile on your face!!

Take care everyone!




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