How good do I feel!!!

Posted on: 26 Apr 2007

Did a mile on Monday to stretch my legs out and rested Tuesday and Wednesday.  Went to the track to night  and mixed some of the younger athletes in with my group again for a 5 x 90seconds session with 2 minute jog recoveries.  We did 1 mile warm up some running drills then into the session.

I couldn't believe how good I felt and having no aches at all I just ran relaxed but hard.  All 5 efforts were between 400 and 425m so all at sub 6 minutes a mile pace! It felt so good then 1 mile warm down which including the 2 mins jogs gave a 3.5 mile session.  Even the young athletes under 13 enjoyed the change of session and had a great time.  I get such a buzz working with the youngsters they just got stuck in even though it wasn't their normal session.

Now I'm thinking I want to do a race soon!  Might try to join Bupa at the Leeds half if I can get hold of a number as the race is full.  Or look at the Chester Half coming up - anyone know anything about that?

Going to check how you all are tonight and read what you've been up to.


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