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Posted on: 08 Apr 2007

Thought I'd follow the current trend and add my biography...

Favourite film    Mona Lisa

Favourite food    Anything Indian

Red or white      Red without a doubt!

Book I am currently reading   Pain by Dan Middleman ( a running novel quite rare and I love to find them)

Best ever book     Once A Runner by John L Parker Jnr - yes another running novel and a great story. I read non-stop anything by Michael Connolly, Tess Gerritsen, Lee Child, Jeffrey Deaver, Harlan Coben and James patterson.

Last film seen at cinema   I can't remember!

Things I like      Running/Coaching, Man Utd, Soul and R&B (Tamla Motown for the oldies) Reading.  Holidays.

Things I hate     Drivers stuck in middle lane on Motorway!! Rude people

Middle Age Spread     I admit it just a little!!

Hobbies             Running and coaching youngsters at athletics.

Best holiday      5 years ago my wife and I celebrated our 25th anniversary and spent a week in Rome and 2 weeks in Sorrento - wonderful!  Then last year we spent 2 weeks in Las Vegas and it was amazing!  But  for our 30th anniversary this year we're spending 7 nights in Hawaii then 3 nights in Vegas before flying for 5 nights in Cancun and finishing off with 3 nights in New York at the 30 Thirty Hotel - how fitting is that for our 30th!!

Kids                  One daughter Deborah 26 who's a PE teacher in her first year and we're very proud of her!!

Places I have lived    Middleton, Manchester all my life

Favourite shops    Fat Face

Biggest achievement   Having trained as a textile technologist for 17 years I switched careers to go into Marketing and have been there for the last 16 years for the Halifax (see below).   Coaching young athletes and seeing the look on their faces when they run well, get a new PB or just have one of those break throughs when they suddenly click with what you've been trying to explain and it works for them!

Me                   5' 10"  Right handed, brown eyes - Hair was black now mainly grey!  A typical gemini - split personality!

Job               Campaign Manager for the Halifax protecting the brand and managing the colleagues who appear in the TV ads!

Family         Wife - Ann, Daughter Deborah, Sisters - Pat, Stephanie & Tracy, Brother - Mike Parents - Theresa & Peter

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