Easy track session

Posted on: 16 Apr 2007

Well went for last track session tonight 5 x 400m at strong pace but not flat out just stretching out the legs!

Did a mile warm up and some running drills before starting the session.  There were 15 of us in total but not all the young athletes were running the session as a few are recovering from injuries or had done a long jump session before we started.

Sam and James were fresh back from holiday in Guernsey over Easter where they had watched the half marathon - Martine they said it was extremely hot on the day which makes your run all the better!

Sam ran the first one in 67 seconds with James not too far back.  Louise, Sara and I with one eye on Sunday tried to run 2 minutes (8 minute mile pace) but even though it felt like jogging we still did 1:51 we led home a group of youngsters who decided to stay with us to start steady.  On the second we decided to run as we felt and not try for two minutes but still not pushing it.  Running easy but striding out it was 1:42 - it felt a lot better more relaxed. Sam ran a 65s with James around 68s.

On the third one I got caught up in a sprint over the last 100m and did 1:24! Controlled the next one more sensibly for 6 minute pace to run 1:31.  The last one was as always planned to be the fastest one and I ran controlled pace all way in 1:22. 

Louise put in 1:27 and Sara 1:33 on the last one.  It was a good session relaxed and just what we needed.  No running now until Thursday when the girls are doinmg an easy 5k and I'll do 2-3 miles on the track while the group warm up and down and force myself not to run their 10 x 100m sprint session!!!

Read in the sports media about some research in America (where else) that said the best recovery drink in tests was chocolate milk!  Got some to try and can report that evwen though I have a very sweet tooth I found it quite sickly after training might have one with me for after the race on Sunday but will still have my usual stock of recovery drink, banana, mars bar and malt loaf to get down as not sure I'll feel like the chocolate milk!!!

Off to check what you've all been up to now and see what pain Trev has inflicted on thos poor jelly babies!!


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