Rest day

Posted on: 03 Apr 2007

Well another rest day that leaves me feeling lazy - I'd usually run 3.6 at lunchtime on a Tuesday at around 7:50 pace so today I went for a walk bought some soup for lunch and some fruit for the afternoon - how healthy am I!!

Tonight I'm sitting here about to catch up on the blogs and everyone seems to be in the same boat of wondering what the next few weeks will bring.  From past experience I know I usually start to feel all the little aches and pains and begin to worry if I've got an injury  but usually by the week before I'm feeling refreshed and rested and just want to get out running so I'll probably do my last speed session on the Monday before the big day and an easy run on the Wednesday then nothing until Saturday when if I can I'll jog a couple of miles after the long drive to London just to loosen up a bit.

We are driving down early to Watford then train into London before wew drop our bags off and head for the Expo to register!  Staying at the Thistle City Barbican who have agreed to let us use the leisure facilities after the race before we head back North on Sunday evening!  Keep smiling runners!

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