Youthful Enthusiasm Spurs Me On!

Posted on: 19 Apr 2007


Went to the track tonight and found the perfect way to take some light exercise without overdoing it!  I teamed up with the under 13s coach Derek and we put both groups together and ran a big session on the grass.  It was great to see the enthusiasm of the younger athletes as they competed in teams.

I did some easy jogging and gave lots of encouragement and just enjoyed myself - made a change from all those head-down-get-them-finished training sessions building up to Sunday 22nd April 2007!!  Roll on Sunday I can't wait to get started and begin my journey from Greenwich to the Mall.

Good luck to everyone running on Sunday and a special good luck to Linda P for a quick recovery and return to running and racing whether in another marathon or at next year's London - keep strong Linda!

Enjoy your run everyone! ;-)

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