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Posted on: 24 Apr 2007

Sorry I didn't do my race report earlier but I did write it last night and for some reason it disappeared into the Real Buzz black hole!!

Well what a great weekend!  So many highlights I don't know what to write about first.  Three of us set off at 4:30 on Saturday morning and had a good drive down to Watford and then caught the train to Euston.  We dropped our bags at the hotel and headed to the Expo - didn't see anyone I recognised at the Expo or around the RealBuzz stand - had a chat with one of the girls there and then chatted at the Cancer Research UK stand (who I've raised money for).

Met one of my main rivlas in the local cross country leagues Pete from Horwich who suddenly tapped me on the shoulder when I was looking at some kit!

Back at the hotel we checked in and Louise & Sara weren't impressed when my room was upgraded but there's wasn't!!! In the evening we went to an Italian on Shaftesbury Avenue for some excellent pasta and then back to hotel for an early night.  Slept OK with the help of  the little can of Fullers London Pride from the Expo! I know I shouldn't have but didn't think a little can would be a problem.

Sunday morning breakfast arrived on time porridge, toast, bananas, coffee and water.  Got tube to Charing Cross and got on the cattle train to Blackheath - as they piled us on the train I turned round to see two guys from our club sat there chatting - how is it possible in all those thousands of people to meet people you know?  With the weather klike it was I'd decided not to stick to my planned 3:30 schedule but set decided on a slower pace around 3:45.

The atmosphere on the train was nervous excitement and then at Blackheath I relaxed a bit as we walked around, visited the toilets early and found somewhere to sit out of the sun, unfortunately it was a speaker tower and the noise was too much after a few minutes.

Handed our kit in and visited the loo once again and then had to rush to start pens.  On way spotted a group of gorgeous young ladies chatting together many of them in Tutus!!  Went over to say a big hello and I'm sorry for rushing off so quick to the start.

Set off well taking just 3 mins to cross start but then stopped and started for a mile and needed the toilet again!!! Settled into my pace and went through 10k in just over 54 mins.  Kept it fairly steady around 8:30 pace then and second 10k was 52+ and continued on to 30k with another 53 min 10k.  Loved the crowd and their support was amazing all the way round - I just wish I had my name on my Club vest so the crowd could shout my name!

I was drinking as much as I could and pouring the water in my hat to keep cool but it seemed to be the lack of air that caused the problem not just the heat.  I was still going well at 20, or so I thought, but reached 21 to find it was a 10:17 mile I'd dropped nearly 2 mins without noticing, the next mile was 10:30 and I knew I was in trouble.  From experience I knew that there was no coming back so I concentrated on keeping that pace to the finish and came home in 3:57:13 fourth 10k was 62 mins.

Great to finish and enjoyed it very much but felt ill after the race and just sat there feeling sick but not able to!  Louise finished not far behind me in 4:03 and she too was suffering with cramps and muscle spasms.  Sara finished with a big smile on her face having decided to enjoy the run and relax in 4:22. We eventually got back to the hotel in a taxi - I couldn't face the tube when feeling sick!  Showered and changed we headed to Euston and the train to Watford before driving back to Manchester.

Great weekend! Had day off on Monday and watched the video of the race and it was great to see Pete Elwick behind Sally Gunnell before the race! When the race started I spotted myself in the first few minutes when I was running alongside Scooby Doo!!  Fame or what!

Now I'm off to catch up on what you've all done, hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did and had a great time!

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