progress, what progress?

Posted on: 18 Mar 2013

Ok, so you'll note my last post was in 2008. I took up running, and almost immediately gave up. my body wasnt just sore, i physically broke down after trying to run and my knees couldnt take it.

A few years later and a few pounds lighter i have recently taken to the sport again and am loving it, to a point. However 3 weeks in and im starting to get frustrated with what feels like a lack of progress. 

Im not following a plan as such, rather sticking to a defined route & distance and trying to improve my run run to walk ratio. However i just dont feel as though im making any significant progress. I still get tired legs early on, and still suffer from a "stich" at regular intervals.

I know Rome wasnt built in a day, and yes my pace is improving (marginally), and yes i dont feel anywhere as near as sore after the run, but overall i just dont feel as though im able to maintain my run portion for long enough.

Maybe my own expectations are too high, i just want to be able to run for more than 5 mins at a time.

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