Posted on: 17 Apr 2008

Well how goes it over here,first blog on this site,quick intro been running donkey years run anything from 5k to marathon.Moved to triathlon training back end last year after a bad injury.Most this year i trained for london marathon time for that this year was 3:29:21.I have ran thirteen marathons,forty plus half marathons and a few 10ks.Best times are marathon 3:09,half marathon 1:26 and 10k is 40.40 still working on that one to dip 40 mins.

Todays training was an easy day as still getting over marathon did 10 miles on my MTB mountain bike,time was 41.11 mins pace was 14.9 mph took it easy as it was raining heavy at times.Tonight i am off to local pool from 9pm-10pm training with local tri club.This year i have been working on my freestyle swimming as its my weakest sport of the three.In may i have entered two triathlons one a pool based swim in alnwick the other is a lake based swim in the lake district so i need to improve big style on the swimming front the bike and run i should not have any major dramas with hope you read and feel free to comment on the blog any tri advice would be great.


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