Posted on: 24 Apr 2008

Well today i made the push and done my first long run since london marathon eleven days ago,opted for a nice slow 10 miles, pace i ran was 8.27 min/mile which felt easy time out running was 84 mins and heart rate 152 bpm had intended to hit the pool today but some schools are off so think kids will be enjoying the day off at the baths so no point in trying for good swim when its to busy.Hoping this weekend to get my first open water training swim in with a friend of mine i have been getting myself an orca apex2 wetsuit so want to try it our before i go for my first open water swim tri in the lake district on the 17th may havent a clue what open water swimming is like but week before i got a pool based sprint tri so hoping to pick up some tips from that one first.


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