THE S.F.EXPERIENCE winter fandance.

Posted on: 20 Jan 2016

Well that was an event and a half.Arrived in Brecon beacons on Friday,for the event on Saturday 24K route march over the mountain peny-fan. This is the same route used by UK special forces in there selection.Prior to event two foot of snow had fell on Brecon.The route is up and over the fan to a turn around and back same way over the fan again.

I entered the load bearing category were you carry kit in rucksack to weight specified by the staff.The race started and we headed to the fan and the ascent of 3000ft and first check point.Once at top we descended the mountain down a route called Jacobs ladder.Second check point and turn around point half way 7.5 miles.On the route back the weather turned bad and it became a total white out.The climb up Jacobs ladder was brutal as it was very icy and hard to grip in boots.I was at times on my hands and knees.Once back on the top we descended and traced route back to start.

The race was a total of 15 miles which took me 5:09 and I finished second in vet  50 load bearing cat and 31st overall in load bearing cat.All and all I was well happy as there was a big drop out rate and am proud to say I got through one of the main tests in SAS selection.

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