Posted on: 11 Apr 2016

Been while since last blog but still at it,this year I have mostly been training for 50K ultra marathon.I have been training similar if it was  a Marathon but doing long runs over two consecutive days.The race was round kielder reservoir and surrounding hills and fells.The route was very hilly over 3000ft of ascent.Terrain wise it was very muddy and boggy for over 90% of course.The race itself got tough round the twenty mile point then I was in the hurt locker.I have ran over forty plus marathons so it got hard in your mind when you hit 26.2 miles when you knew you had another six to go.Once over the finish line bowls of hot soup was order of the day.Was pleased with my first ultra 6:25 for 32miles I think was a good effort,rest time now.

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