First sub zero run!

Posted on: 14 Jan 2012

I am very grateful to have got all the way to mid Jan with relatively mild weather for training, but by jingo, it was cold out there this morning!! I ran with gloves and ear warmer thingy for the first time ever, and really needed them.

Having said that, it was beautiful. I ran round our local country park (Dinton Pastures) and it was lovely - hardly anyone there, the lake still and icy, and all the trees/bushes bright white in the early morning frosty sunshine.

I did 14.5km today and felt pretty good - I did it all in one go, no walking at all. Although I am fast concluding that I am the slowest runner in the world, haha! Not that I'm worried, I'll get there and that's what counts, it just might take me some time ;-)

Happy weekend running folks, wrap up warm!


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